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It takes a Village... to record a song:)

Hi, it's Dave and today I want to introduce you to a few friends of mine. Now, we are not an official band, but we did record a song! Creating a song often brings together several brilliant musicians and such is the case with my most recent song, “Soul Survivor.” Last month I talked about the story that inspired the song. If you missed that email you can find it here. Today, I’d like to acknowledge the incredible musicians that helped make the song what it is. Adam Schlenker played additional guitar on the song and made it sound amazing! The backing vocals you hear on the song come from the most amazing vocalist, Gabrielle Johnston. Finally, the stand up bass you hear on the song was provided by the one and only, Byron House. (click on their names to learn more about what they are up to) Sometimes it takes a village to raise a child while other times it takes a small band of musicians to bring forth a song. I want to send a heartfelt thank you to Gabrielle, Adam, and Byron for lending their phenomenal talents in the creation of “Soul Survivor.” Check out the song on spotify here

Check out the song on youtube here. Keep surviving,


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