LIVE! Dave Hawkins & Celtic Core

LIVE! Dave Hawkins & Celtic Core

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    1- Sound the Pibroch

    2- Drummond Castle/Blue Ash/Da New Rigged Ship

    3- O'Reilly

    4- Mason's Apron

    5- Lily of the West

    6- Camisty Waltz/Mrs. Stuart of Grantully

    7- It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go

    8- The Klutz Set

    9- Risin' of the Moon/Pride of the Celts

 10- Frank's Reel Set

 11- Caledonia

 12- Arran Boat Set

 13- Nova Scotia

 14- Seamus Set


©1998 Jeffrey David Hawkins

Mountainside Music, Nashville - BMI